Casino Vittoriosa (Malta)

The Casino Vittoriosa represents the detached seat of the Venice casino, which has set up its own foreign headquarters here by restoring one of the most important historic buildings in Malta, the Palazzo del Capitano. Its construction was ordered by the Knights of San Giovanni since 1530, although it was completed only a hundred years later. The same headquarters of the Vittoriosa Casino was occupied by the officers of the French fleet during the Napoleonic period and subsequently became the seat of the English Admiralty during the British protectorate. After the Second World War the current headquarters of the Casino Vittoriosa was destroyed until in 2001 the municipal casino of Venice decided to open a large gaming room in partnership with the Vittoriosa Gaming.


The Vittoriosa Casino is ideal for Roulette and Slot Machine lovers. In fact, every week the typical Roulette tournament of the house is scheduled, the Golden 27. This tournament takes place from 19 to 23 and is suitable for both more experienced players and those who want to have fun. If you are a fan of slots, the Vittoriosa Casino organizes daily the Knights’ Slot Tournament with which you can win cash prizes or dinners for two at the panoramic restaurant of the same casino. As for poker, however, the Vittoriosa Casino plans two types of events: the Emerald Bet Tour and the Malta Team Poker.

Casino games

Vittoriosa Casino Games In addition to Roulette and Slot Machines, the refined environment of the Vittoriosa Casino hosts Blackjack tables, Punto Y Banco, Trente Et Quarante and the inevitable Poker, available in Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud Hi-Lo variants. During the week, the Vittoriosa Casino opens the Slot Machine game at 11 in the morning every day, while for all other games the opening hours vary during the week: from Monday to Thursday the Vittoriosa Casino is open from 20 to 4.00, while from Friday to Sunday it is open from 16 to 4.00.

General informations

The organization of the Vittoriosa Casino will allow you to spend wonderful days without having to worry about where to eat and sleep. In fact, the Vittoriosa Casino enjoys partnerships with various 4 and 5 star hotels and hotels spread throughout the territory of Malta. During the day you can enjoy splendid walks around Malta while in the evening you can play at the Vittoriosa Casino, perhaps having dinner in its splendid panoramic restaurant.


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