Casino Le Palme

The Le Palme Casino is the largest gaming room in Central Italy, located within the renowned Abruzzo Hippodrome, an enchanting region which is home to some of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The characteristic location is the backdrop to an elegant and decidedly modern environment, in which slot lovers will find satisfaction. In fact, the Le Palme Casino has 200 slots available 365 days a year, for all tastes and all types of bettors.


The biggest feature of the Le Palme Casino is given by the great programming of events of various kinds that include tournaments, draws, concerts and parties dedicated to fun and entertainment. Among the events of the Le Palme Casino we find “Le Palme Food & Drink” with tastings of excellent food and wines from Abruzzo, “Le Palme Live Show” with concerts of various kinds and a drawing of a ticket for € 250, “Le Palme Party ”During which there is the extraction of free gaming tickets for all guests. In addition to these just mentioned, the Casino Le Palme presents many other events with very rich prizes such as Harley Davidson motorcycles and cars.

Casino games

Casino Games Le Palme At the moment, the Casino Le Palme offers only automated games, which however will allow you to maintain total privacy on your play and especially on your winnings. In fact, the strength of the Le Palme Casino is precisely the “Private Cashier” service to receive payment of winnings in a private office. Among the Le Palme Casino Games we find 200 innovative slot machines, with an attractive design and very rich progressive jackpots. In addition to the slots there is an interesting Electromechanical Roulette which has a display for each player and a common central wheel. A Poker room will soon be available with 20 gaming tables for different types of Poker both in sit & go and in cash mode.

General information

In addition to the game, the Casino Le Palme offers an environment dedicated to pure relaxation and socializing, a bar with professional bartenders ready to prepare any type of cocktail and aperitif. In case you wish to stay, the Casino Le Palme offers you the 4-star Hotel Guerra, a partner hotel that offers a free shuttle service to the casino.


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